Cayo Breton Snorkling and Fishing Huts

July 10, 1998 12:30pm

The seas were incredibly calm last night. I fell asleep on the deck and moved below about 2:30am.

We plotted a course for Cayo Breton about 30 miles east and set sail a bit past nine. We caught a mackerel on the way and ate it for lunch in a tomato sauce.


July 10, 1998 8:30pm

We dropped anchor just outside the fringing reef of Cayo Breton about three this afternoon and went for a snorkle in 2 to 20 foot waters. I spotted another toad fish, green morays as well as a number of very large and very curious barracuda. We named this site "Four Pillars Snorkle".

We motored carefully through the reef and approached a fishing hut built in the waters of the sound. We pulled along side and asked for ice. We were presented with a 100 pound block for which we gifted them a six pack of Bud and some crackers.


  We've accepted their invitation to use a permanent mooring for the night situated between two stilted huts.
All evening long Cuban fishing boats came in to unload their catch, thirteen at last count. The fisherman eye us curiously and wave as they pass. The water surrounding us is dotted with bright green phosphorescence which bounces gently with the waves.  

We are at the beginning of The Garden of Queen. This set of Cays stretches east for about one hundred miles and is bordered by a deep sea wall which we expect to be spectacular. Tomorrow we dive, this is what we've come for.

1998 John Petrak

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