Our Return to Cienfuegos is Cause for Another Celebration!

July 15, 1998 11:40pm

We arrived at the lighthouse at sunset and I took the boat through the harbor in the dark. We arrived at the dock about nine and the Captain de la Guarda Frontier arrived to clear us in. Customs did not come until this morning and when they did, five guards searched the boat.

When they left I phoned Penny to let her know we were back.

We'll go to town this afternoon for some food and to see Yasmell and his family.

Chris and I found some food at several houses. One gave us Cuban pizza and another chicharones - fried pork skin.

We arrived at Yasmell's house with several bottles of rum which quickly ran out and were replaced with three more as the celebration of our return continued. By later in the evening, Chris and Yasmell were very drunk and very funny! Chris, Alexis, Yasmell, Nara - his wife, and I went to the malecon (wall) for the evening.  

On the way a vendor, who had slaughtered a pig and roasted it, stopped us. He carved tiny pieces into small sandwiches for about twenty cents each. As is most of the food here, it was terrible, but one must eat when one can.

1998 John Petrak

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