The Weather Turns and We Make a Run for Cienfuegos

July 14, 1998 2:40pm

We left Cayo Zaza de Fuera early and decided to try a dive at Cayo Blanco. It turned out to be an excellent spot. The wall dropped at fifty feet, quite a bit more shallow than the walls further down the Queen's Garden. This site, "Blanco Wall" is an excellent spot to start diving before actually entering the Queen's Garden.

Our tanks spent, and the weather showing increasing thunderstorms there is no reason to be at sea tonight. We've decided to run for Cienfuegos even though we'll navigate the entrance to the harbor at night once again. We've set both sails and with a motor assist are making six to six and a half knots.

All we've eaten since the night before last was a can of ravioli and Chris is hoping for fresh fish for dinner, but so far... no luck.

Diving the Queen's Garden has been wonderful. Clearly the whole area is spectacular and I believe with some exploration and charting, the diving will exceed what Cayman's North Wall offers, except for ease of access of course. Hopefully the information we've gathered over the last week will assist in further discovery. I hope to be part of that effort.

1998 John Petrak

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